Blackbird Air Charter saw the light of the day on the 5th of January 2015. We are a young company so our main asset is our employees, who are not new to the market. We have accumulated more than 55 years of experience doing air charters. Blackbird Air Charter is a small air broker based in Billund, Denmark that is far from being a local operator. Our operations go beyond the borders of Denmark as we operate world wide.

In our role as air brokers, our mission is to offer 24/7-service and close proximity to the market thus ensuring our clients the advantages of our extensive network. We offer competitive and comprehensive solutions within executive, passenger and cargo charters.


Blackbird Air Charter main asset is our employees. The employees’ identities are the backbone of the company and is the foundation of our success. With good employees comes good results and with great employees comes great success. We strive to be on the forefront and innovative in our way of thinking in order to make sure we have a dynamic team, who will perform at the highest level at all times.

Ole Dupont Christiansen
E-mail: odc@blackbirdair.com


I have in total 29 years of experience within forwarding and 19 years within the aviation industry. 10 of those years were in the senior management of an airline with the responsibility for operations, charter sales and scheduled services to basically the day-to-day operation of an airline. Further I was heavily involved in ACMI contracts all over the globe. My many years within the industry have given me a good background and knowledge base and have brought me from Northern Siberia and Greenland to The Middle East and Africa. I have been involved in airlifts for UN in the Balkans and NATO in Afghanistan and Iraq.

I am an all-round broker but my field of expertise is within the passenger and VIP segment and especially with government transports. I love flying and the smell of jet fuel and the fact that everyday brings a new unexpected challenge which my colleagues and I together can solve pulling on our different fields of expertise and get the job done for our clients. Even though I have almost 2 decades within aviation I am still learning every day to the benefit of our customers.

Jesper Dalgaard Petersen
E-mail: jdp@blackbirdair.com


I have been working within the aviation industry for the last 18 years. I started back in 1999 in Billund Airport, where I learned the inside of cargo aircrafts, as it was at that time the relief flights to Afghanistan started up on a regular basis. With the airport I also got the insight of weight & balance of aircrafts, and was a load controller for several of the biggest integrators under my employment with the airport.

In 2005 I was headhunted to work for a well-established broker firm in Billund. From that point on and until now, I have worked for different brokers and freight forwarders in Denmark latest 2,5 years as Section Manager for the charter department of a major forwarder. I have since my start in the industry worked with the biggest cargo aircraft to the smallest ones, and gained special experience within the live animal movements by air among others. In 2015 I was given a unique opportunity to be part of a new era, the birth of BLACKBIRD, and being a part of shaping this ambitious and promising project. The rest is history.

Søren Bugge
E-mail: sbug@blackbirdair.com


I have been working in project freight forwarding in a major Danish based international forwarding company since 2007. I started my air charter career in 2008 in the same company. In the period 2008 till 2014 I was working as air charter consultant, with responsibility for the government contracts varying from army flights with soldiers, resupplies to the “front line” and sensitive shipments of classified equipment on to flights with high profiled VIPs as well as operations for emergency disaster management agencies. I also did a lot of flights for different commercial clients in support of the oil, gas and mining industry, automotive industry – anything big and urgent I have been involved in the movement of.

In 2014 I was promoted to Business Development and Sales Manager, and my responsibility changed to developing the product, and getting a more international focus in order to get a streamlined procedure in the way of thinking the product internally in the company. This was a great challenge where I had to be persistent and re-think the way we wanted to view ourselves in the industry. 2015 I was handpicked by BLACKBIRD as Sales & Development Manager and will make sure the business stays on the right track, and will keep expanding the client list.


Communication is the key to understanding. For us it is important to get the right information from the beginning, whether it is to understand your needs or presenting our solution so you know what you get. We urge you to contact us with your requirement, question or clarification and we are always available for friendly counselling. Further contact details are available below.



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