Feel the advantages of executive aviation and indulge in the comfort, speed and hassle free travel experience it provides

Convenience of private flight

There are many advantages to private jet travel. While it is also true that executive jet accommodations are often luxurious, the real advantages of flying on a private aircraft are convenience and efficiency. You don’t have to fly in and out of busy airports unless you wish to do so. If you live or work near a smaller general aviation airport, you can depart from there and avoid traffic, waiting time and congestion typically found at large commercial airports.

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Non-stop exclusivity

If you choose to depart from a busy hub airport you often depart from a small general aviation facility. This eliminates all of the chaos and hassle of the main terminal. Most general aviation centres offer free and secure parking for private flyers and you are transported directly to the aircraft side for boarding. If you are late, the aircraft waits for you. The only people on board are those you invite. You can work uninterrupted or hold meetings if needed. Most executive aircraft are equipped with connections for laptops and some have sat-phone and Wi-Fi internet. On overnight flights beds can be made up for you depending on the aircraft type. You arrive at the destination prepared, rested and ready to work. You save time and get more done. You can visit multiple destinations in one day or change flight times and destinations throughout the day as needed.

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Presenting our newest addition to the fleet, OY-HWP has everything you can ask from an executive helicopter. We have 8 comfortable VIP seats, I-FEEL entertainment system with one-on-one or conference communication option, Bluetooth connectivity and large screen for inflight info or movies. We can operate in most conditions and to any site. Tell us where you want to go and we will take you there.

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This aircraft takes you to your intercontinental destinations with full connectivity by sat phone and WIFI internet during the flight. The twin cabin layout provides privacy for discrete conversations and meetings mid-air or as a separate sleeping area for night flights. The cabin is designed by the renowned French designer Hermés and gives an exclusive comfort on your flight.

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For cross continental and transatlantic flights this aircraft does the trick. You will experience the roomy cabin that exceeds the competitors in same class. The aircraft is designed to accommodate lower takeoff and landing speeds, which opens up for shorter runways and more airports to use, reaching less congested regional airports rather then the busy and crowded hub airport for your convenience.

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