More than 3 billion passengers travel by air every year. That means that more than 8 million people board an aircraft on an average day. At BLACKBIRD AIR CHARTER we want to increase that number. We want to view travel in another light and allow your group to have an enhanced travel experience where you are in control of departure times from your desired airports. We will tailor a proposal according to your wishes. Do you want special catering, open bar, dedicated check-in counters, customized headrests or anything else to make the experience a special part of your excursion and get off to a good start? BLACKBIRD AIR CHARTER will make the necessary arrangements for you.

Ad hoc & Long term charter

We strive to provide you with the right solution tailored to your requirements no matter if you just need a single charter flight or if you wish to charter multiple flights. BLACKBIRD AIR CHARTER will find the right option for you. We will source from our extensive portfolio of airline partners and make sure the contractual terms are satisfactory and in line with the individual needs from flight to flight so you are comfortable in every phase of the operations - preparation, take-off, in-flight and again when touching down and disembarking

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BLACKBIRD AIR CHARTER is your reliable partner for group travel. Everything from a small group of representatives or entire staff of a company is within our capabilities. From point A directly to point B we can help you with your employee rotations, trade fairs, expo events or similar. We have a wide range of airlines standing by to accommodate your every need such as special seating configuration and flexible departure times in order to cut your time spent in transit.

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Sports flights

BLACKBIRD AIR CHARTER will be at the starting grid for Formula 1 races, the Le Mans 24h race as well as your other big events and we will be waiting for you at the finishing line to bring you back home safely. We can also provide a suitable aircraft when your team or club is represented in international tournaments and we will not depart until the champagne has popped and the victory has been duly celebrated.

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Holiday flights

BLACKBIRD AIR CHARTER employees have experience setting up a series of flights for specific seasons.Let us take your guests skiing, trekking, snorkelling, scuba diving or simply for relaxing on the beach at the Mediterranean Sea so they can recharge their batteries away from their everyday duties.

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