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BLACKBIRD AIR and Covid-19

BLACKBIRD AIR can still ensure safe transport of passengers and cargo

Get exact knowledge from our Covid-19 task force

We are here to advise and help with your transport requirements

We are operating with our fleet around the world wherever the authorities allow us to fly.

In order to ensure safe travelling for our passengers and crew we have established a dedicated Covid-19 task force who are monitoring the situation around the world.

Regarding passenger transport all of our aircrafts are being thoroughly treated and disinfected before and after every flight to ensure passengers or crew against virus.


As for cargo we are ready to help with any cargo GO NOW transport needs you may have. No job is too small or too large.

Stay updated

Our task force is monitoring the world 24/7

Update  /  29-03-2020  / 16:00

During the last week more and more countries closed for all other passenger transport than repatriation flights by special permission. This way we brought passengers safe home from Central America, Asia, US and Europe last week.
Contact our task force – they find the way to solve every urgent and bespoke transport of passengers and cargo, safe and comfortable, under the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Update  /  23-03-2020  / 14:00

In general all countries has closed for passenger transport, only accepting domestic and repatriation flights. We are still flying international passenger transport by special permission.
Contact us with travel requirements, for insight on safety and security matters or if you want exact information on your destination.

Update  /  20-03-2020  / 16:00

No further restrictions applied from authorities the last 24 hours. We are still able to fly passenger transport by special permission. Contact us regarding your travel requirements or if you want exact information on your destination.

We are here to help

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