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Feel safe to fly

BLACKBIRD AIR has documentation that we exceed the EASA safety guideline requirements

Feel safe to fly: BLACKBIRD AIR has documentation that we exceed the EASA safety guideline requirements

Ever since breakout of the corona pandemic we’ve carried out a thorough procedure for cleaning and disinfection of all aircraft before every flight.
Now, we are happy to learn that our procedure is more than compliant with the just published standard directive 2020-03 from EASA. The EASA procedure is the future guidelines for all European airlines.

So now, as borders are re-opening, all business travellers has documentation that it is safe to fly. And by choosing BLACKBIRD AIR, you are even more safe as flights are carried out by dedicated air transport:

  • Premium new business jets for your comfort
  • Thorough cleaning and disinfection of aircraft before flight
  • Minimum social contact
  • and still most cost-efficient travel compared to alternatives


How we take care of your safety

When you arrive to the private terminal you will have to wear facemask from you enter the terminal until you board our aircraft.

From the terminal we will ensure that the social distance of 1,5 meter is easily accessible, and only minimum personnel will be used to minimize risk of COVID.  
All airport and Blackbird staff will wear facemasks and gloves while you check-in and while handling your luggage. 

At the terminal or aircraft, you will meet our cabin crew wearing protection kits. Our captain will welcome you onboard and give you a briefing how to communicate during the flight. 

Our aircrafts are disinfected before each flight, and thereafter no one enters the aircraft before your flight. If you are travelling alone, or if all passengers are part of the same household you can safely remove your facemask and enjoy a bit of normality while being airborneOur cabin crew will wear protection kits for your and our safety.  

Our catering onboard is made by our own caterer wearing protection kit. When the food is ready to serve it is prepared in boxes on a tray and hereafter wrapped in plasticHereafter the food is transported directly to airside for crew to bring into aircraft for you to enjoy. In this way we can control the process of your food from the preparations all the way to serving onboard.  

If you removed your facemask during flight you will have to wear it again on arrival to your destination. At the destination, all personnel will wear facemasks and gloves while handling our aircraft and your luggage. 

When you leave the aircraft, our crew will disinfect all interior so we can safely welcome you back onboard again for your next trip. 

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