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Supporting Silver Spitfire

The Longest Flight Expedition

Silver Spitfire

Supporting the Silver Spitfire Expedition

Blackbird is honored to be have been involved in Silver Spitfire – The Longest Flight. We provided our Pilatus PC-12 as support aircraft following the Silver Spitfire on its flight around the world. Our PC-12 – manufactured in 2019 – was rebuild with a plug door to be able to support the Silver Spitfire in flight.

Our aircraft carried technicians and extra crews for the Silver Spitfire, and both aircraft took flight on the 5th of August 2019 from Goodwood Aerodrome and returned to Goodwood Aerodrome on the 5th of December after flying around the world.

Most aviation professionals will have a soft spot for this project, as it involved one of the most iconic aircraft the world has ever produced. Blackbird monitored our PC-12 every step of the way – from our home base in Billund, Denmark – while the aircraft and crew showed the beauty of aviation to the audiences around the world.

Photo credits: John Dodds

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