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Your all-round operational partner

Convenient compliance and safety 

Blackbird Air management is your partner in all operational issues of your aircraft. We can assist you with crew, planning of flights, maintenance and all practical matters, so you can lean back and enjoy the flight. We make sure that all your flights live up to applicable standards of compliance and safety. 

AOC (Airport Operator Certificate) 

At Blackbird Air all aircrafts are under our AOC. If you have an aircraft, you want us to manage, it will become a part of our AOC, so you can be sure that your aircraft and the crew handling the aircraft are always following rules and regulations applicable.    

Blackbird Air has an AOC which covers all aircrafts managed by Blackbird Air. This assures you the convenience, compliance and safety you need.

Let us assist you with all aspects of your aircraft: planning of flights, crew assignment/ recruitment, documentation, maintenance etc.

Customers that partner with Blackbird Air are given smooth transition to avoid any operational disturbance to their activities. 

Let Blackbird Air handle all the practical issues around your aircraft

So you can enjoy the flight.

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