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Shared Ownership

Have access to your own aircraft when you need it

Let us find you the right match for a shared ownership/fractional ownership 

With shared ownership you share a specific aircraft. The number of hours and aircraft type is designed for your needs and mission types.  
Once you have fractional ownership, we are at your disposal for your flights 24/7. Just tell us when and where you want to go, and we will do the rest. 

It you wish to partake in a shared ownership of an aircraft, we stand by to help you throughout the process, including finding the right partnership and all legal matters. We have the experience and expertise to give you the guidance you need and handle all practical matters concerning the ownership and the aircraft. 

Let us help you find the best solution to fit your needs of a shared ownership of an aircraft. 

At Blackbird Air we have the experts available to support all legal matters of a shared ownership

Highest standards of service and specialist to handle all practical issues of an aircraft ownership. 

Share your aircraft with other aircraft-enthusiasts

Leave the practicalities to us.

Feel free to ask...

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