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5 reasons why business professionals fly with us

5 reasons why business professionals fly with us

At BLACKBIRD AIR we offer exclusive flying for business or pleasure. We are here to make your travel experience efficient and extraordinary. All our services are tailored to your needs.

Here are the 5 most common reasons why you as business professional benefit from flying with us.

1. Time is money
We know that your time is valuable. That's why we arrange the itinerary, so it matches perfectly with your schedule.

2. We will get you to your destination fast
When you fly with us, you don’t have to arrive hours before departure as with traditional airlines. There is no waiting time due to cancelled or missed flights.

3. You can make last-minute decisions
We know that your schedule can change. When you fly with us you can make last minute decisions and even change plans while in air if it becomes necessary. If you need to postpone the flight for 15 min., you just do.

4. Spend your time in air as it suits you
You are the only passenger in the aircraft, so you have the very best conditions for using your journey as you prefer – work, have meetings or recharge.

5. Flying with us is comfortable and luxurious
We provide the space and facilities you need. Most importantly, you’ll get privacy and peace to do business. We will also indulge you with homemade meals so you can enjoy the exquisite experience of fine dining.

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