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Interview with Compliance and Safety Manager in BLACKBIRD AIR

Compliance and Safety Manager in BLACKBIRD AIR: ‘We are subject to many safety requirements from the authorities with whom we have a fantastic collaboration’

BLACKBIRD AIR is a professional organisation that is subject to safety- and quality requirements from the authorities.

- We have a close collaboration with the authorities. Our safety and quality initiatives are on a high level and continuously controlled by the Danish Civil Aviation Authorities, says Claus Gammelgaard, Compliance and Safety Manager at BLACKBIRD AIR.

- As an example, we have yearly Audits where the authorities check compliance with all relevant EU regulations.

BLACKBIRD AIR holds a commercial air operator license that is compliant with National legislation, EASA regulations as well as International conventions. In the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) there are strict compliance checks performed by the relevant authorities.

- We have a structured setup to ensure that we operate in accordance with the latest regulations on safety, training, and aircraft maintenance. Our Nominated postholders and subsequently accountable manager are responsible for the operational and technical activities and adherence to the regulations and standards in our field of business, says Claus.

Safety on many levels
Flying with BLACKBIRD AIR is safe, and our safety goals are enforced on many levels. We have an inhouse technical department responsible for maintenance of our aircraft. We follow the manufacturers maintenance programs as well as any bulletins from the authorities.

- The pilots check the airplane and pass on the information to the technical department through a technical logbook. These checks are performed before each and every flight. In case of abnormalities are discovered our technical department immediately fixes whatever might occur, says the Compliance and Safety Manager.

Additionally, every time BLACKBIRD AIR fly with passengers, we conduct extra safety checks.

- When the technical department has inspected the airplanes, the pilot again goes through their check lists before flying.

Highly educated and experienced staff
BLACKBIRD AIR has very high training and personal standards for the pilots.

- When flying there are always two pilots in the cockpit. One Captain who is Pilot in Command and a Second in Command who in some cases also has a Captain rating, says Claus, and continues:

- The captain is the decision-maker and is responsible for procedures and safety checks.

Trainings in the simulator
When you are employed as a commercial pilot and flying on a Commercial Air Operators Licence you will have to perform 2 simulator checks every year (every 6 months).

This is mandatory, and in addition to that BLACKBIRD AIR chooses to invest in further trainings with the pilots:

- All pilots will have a 2-3-day simulator session every 6 months. One of those is to renew the license where an examiner from the authorities is attending, Claus says and continues:

Blackbird Air raises the bar and climb above the minimum requirements by adding training before each check.

What do the pilots train at those sessions?
- Every possible scenario. Even the impossible ones. You see… In a simulator you can really make it difficult for the pilots and simulate the worst weather conditions and plane malfunctions. The simulator is so good that it feels real.

The trainings last for hours and it gives the pilots a fantastic basis to handle and train situations that you never experience in real life.​

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