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Aircraft Management

As an aircraft owner, you know that you have a valuable asset, but without the right management partner with a personalized setup, your asset can become a liability instead of the business tool it was meant to be.


Blackbird Aviation Group strives to be a company focused on providing tailor-made solutions for its clients, while offering dynamic best-in-class services to each jet managed. 

We are able to leverage our strategic relationships worldwide to provide a global reach for our clients in our chartering arm – Blackbird Air Charter. All of these services are done with providing our clients with complete access and with full auditing rights granted. 

With Blackbird Crew ApS we can offer a tailormade training package for your crew. Further we can offer the possibility of our First-Class Crew to ensure your comfort and a high level of service as well as flexibility.  

We have an elite technical team and commercial team that are available to service our clients' every need at any time, as they operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 

We strive to look after our clients' aircraft and their interests with meticulous attention to detail. We work with mutually agreeable terms in an effort to find the optimal utilization of their aircraft, as well as providing full transparency in all of our dealings. 

Customers that partner with Blackbird Aviation Group are given a smooth and seamless transition in an effort to avoid any operational or commercial disturbance to their activities. 

We aim to ensure our clients that they immediately see the advantage of partnering with Blackbird Aviation Group, which typically allows them to tackle their business endeavors whilst allowing us to manage their aircraft.


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