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Comfort in the air

It’s all about the value of time! Charge your batteries in preparation to take on the world. Feel the advantage of executive aviation; indulge in the comfort, speed and hassle-free travel experience it provides. Business or leisure we bring the world to your doorstep.

Falcon 2000S

For cross continental and transatlantic flights this aircraft brings luxury to your travel. You will experience the spacious cabin that boasts soft, exquisite and relaxing loungers; Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure this aircraft exceeds any other range in the same class. Whilst also allowing you to access a wider range of airports due to excellent performance characteristics avoiding over crowded airline hubs. The aircraft is designed to accommodate lower take-off and landing speeds; Opening up for a shorter runway, allowing access to a diverse range of airports and most importantly your next destination.

Falcon 2000S


The World’s first cargo flight took place on the 7th of November 1910 in the USA, between Dayton and Columbus, Ohio...

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Bespoke flying

Feel the advantages of executive aviation and indulge in the comfort, speed and hassle free travel experience it provides..

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Flight Management

As an aircraft owner, you know that you have a valuable asset, but without the right management partner with a personalized setup, your asset can become a liability instead of the business tool it was meant to be.

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More than 3 billion passengers travel by air every year. That means that more than 8 million people board an aircraft...

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Flight Team

BLACKBIRD’s main asset is our employees, they are the backbone of the company and the foundation of our success. An elite team of dedicated charter professionals sustained by our desire to provide a world class service and obligated by our customers to deliver fast efficient tailored solutions on your command. We endeavour to be at the forefront, with an innovative and dynamic team who will perform at the highest level at all times. 24 hours a day 365 day a year our service is second to none.

Ole Dupont Christiansen

Passionate aviation entrepreneur

Aviation is a big part of my life and I love every second of it. My mission is to ensure a team of passionate aviation experts who love their jobs just as much as I do. Our finest goal is to continue to serve our clients and exceed their expectations time and again. It should be fun going to work every day as this will have a positive effect on our customers. I always strive to have an innovative approach and do not want to repeat what was done yesterday out of convenience. We should do better and work smarter every day. We build our business on trust and hard work, and always with a big smile.

Jesper D. Petersen

Meticulous, reliable & industrious

I thrive when dealing in challenging situations; whether it is setting up a flight for our VIP customers or arranging a special cargo flight, every aspect is covered, and every detail is extensively examined. I have a duty and commitment to my clients in delivering the highest level of service. My service incorporates values of trust honesty and integrity. My word is my bond and when I give it, my clients can relax in the knowledge that due diligence has been performed. My experience with the industry over the past 20 years has taught me that no two flights are the same; each situation should be treated uniquely. However, our customers can be sure to receive the same reliable and bespoke service time and time again.

Søren Bugge

Reliable, innovative & persistant

My passion lies in the heart of aviation and chartering aircraft. Like the aircraft that I charter, I am reliable and innovative seeking to always go the extra mile. My resilient and persistent nature enhances the experience of my clients being able to enjoy and reap the benefits of Private Aviation. My agile and adaptable nature allows me to be creative and explore new ideas and concepts. I have excellent rapport and communication with both my clients and my colleagues; ensuring that clients travel in comfort style and convenience. My team and I work productively and effectively to deliver excellence without compromise.

Catarina Ilmark

Organized, efficient, proactive

My experience comes from many years of working with different people. My top priority is to make sure my colleagues can focus on doing what they are best at. I keep track, follow up and make sure all duties are done in due course. Supporting all departments in their everyday roles and assisting with ad-hoc tasks across Blackbird.

Mette T. Hougesen

Creative, charter, enthusiast

To me, Aviation is not a job – it is a lifestyle. One of which I am immensely proud of. I love that no two days are the same. I thoroughly enjoy embracing different tasks and overcoming new challenges. With over thirteen years in the industry, I have been at the forefront of proactively selling and meticulously planning; Ad-hoc charters, Cargo- and Ambulance flights. My experience has taught me to never accept ‘No’ as an answer. When faced with limitations or problems, I make it my personal mission to identify an effective and efficient resolution. Thus, providing the optimum solution for my client. Fun is the fuel of creativity and I understand the importance of it in the work place. It creates an environment that encourages innovation and initiative, which is a testimony to the value we provide through our services at Blackbird Air Charter. I take great pride in delivering a high level of service, in cooperation with business partners across countries and cultures; we aim to enhance our level of services ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


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