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Get answers on frequently asked questions

Get answers on frequently asked questions

When do I need to be at the airport?
Meeting time is usually 10-15 minutes before departure.


Where should I check in?
The meeting point is at the private terminal. 


Is VAT included?
International flights are exempted from VAT.


Are there additional costs on the price?
Our prices are 'all inclusive'. However, if you change your travel plans, there might be additional costs.


Will the price increase for extra passengers?
You would have to pay passenger taxes and catering, so the amount will vary.


If my mobility is impaired, what can I then expect?
We will be ready with a wheelchair when you arrive at the terminal. The crew will escort you to the plane and help you on board. You will of course also be escorted on the destination where we also will have a wheel chair available.


What is your cancellation policy in case I need to cancel due to corona?
We are flexible, and if there are changes in the travel restrictions, we will help you rebooking the flight.


Can you help with booking a limo/taxi/rental car at the destination?
Of course, we will help order a car either for pickup or delivery - or both.


Is alcohol served?
We always have a selection of beers, wines and spirits on our flights. It can of course also be arranged not to serve alcohol if that is your wish.


Is there a flight attendant?
On our larger aircraft, there is a requirement for a cabin attendant to serve food and drinks as well as general servicing the passengers during our flights.


Do you serve hot meals?
On some of our aircraft we serve hot catering, while the smaller aircraft do not have an oven and therefore we offer cold dishes.


What if the meeting drags on and we are delayed?
If you are delayed, just call the captain or our sales team. Inform us when you expect to be at the airport and we will update our flight plans accordingly.


What if we are ready to depart earlier than agreed?
If you are ready before the agreed time and just want to leave, then contact our captain or our sales team. We will then prepare for an earlier departure - no need to sit and wait at the airport.


What is the cost having the aircraft on standby or to stay overnight?
The costs depend on the specific situation. If you are going to spend the night at a destination, our crew must stay at a hotel and therefore we must draw "a P-ticket" for our flight.


Do you allow animals on board?
On one of our aircraft, animals are very welcome. If you want to bring your pet, please inform us when booking or before departure. Keep in mind that the animal must have a passport and various vaccinations that the authorities require.

Is smoking allowed?
Smoking is not allowed on our flights.


How much luggage can I bring?
Everything you can carry but we should of course be able to pack it safely. 

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