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For a greener future

Following the newest technology 

The Nest 

Our headquarters in Billund, The Nest, are newly constructed and contains all the most modern technology within construction. At The Nest we have solar panels which produces around 100.000 kWh a year. Most of the power is for our own use and the rest is sold on to other users. Furthermore, we have entered an agreement to buy only Danish climate friendly power. 

Partnership with TEA 

At Blackbird Air we have an ambition of being a part of a greener future. One of the paths we have chosen to live up to this responsibility, is our partnership with TEA (Triangle Energy Alliance), where we along with 23 other partners and municipalities have the mutual goal of developing green energy. The ambition is to make to Triangle Region the powerhouse in producing green and sustainable energy for households, transportation and industry. The first item on our agenda is finding a solution for more sustainable jet fuels.  

Already now, we are on the path of turning ambition into reality by using sustainable aviation fuel whenever possible and with TEA partnership we will soon take off, even greener. 

Book & Claim

Through a partnership with Jet Aviation, we can now offer Book & Claim to our customers and aircraft owners who wish to fly on SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel). SAF is still a limited product, and not yet available in all airports. When you choose to fly on SAF with Blackbird Air, the amount that should be used for your trip is registered, verified and calculated, so that same amount can be sold as conventional aviation fuel somewhere in the near of the production. In this way the environmental benefits are kept, and we avoid unnecessary transportation of the SAF.

Newest technology  

Both in our fleet and in our headquarters, it is one of our top priorities to use the most recent technology whenever possible and live up to all standards. Technology within most branches is continuously getting better with a stringer focus on sustainability. We want to be a part of this development and follow it closely, so we keep getting better.  

Together with TEA we are on the path for a greener take off.

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