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Dine in the sky, on the ground or on the go

Nordic cuisine with local ingredients 

Our local catering specialist are at your service, to compose meals, snacks and dinners for you and your crew, after your special needs and wishes. Our catering is based on the Nordic cuisine with fresh and local ingredients. We will tailor the catering experience after your preferences and can serve you everything from tee to champagne.  

Focus on food waste and organic ingredients 

Limiting the amount of food waste is a high priority at Blackbird Air, which is why we do not produce more food than what is necessary. Our goal is to deliver high quality over quantity. A close dialog with our customers is therefore necessary, so we know what the needs for catering are, both concerning the selection, but also the quantity. Are you arriving directly from a dinner meeting? Or have you not yet had breakfast? No matter the need and expectations, we will make sure to live up to it.  

Our catering specialist are always updated on the newest trends and how to make better food our customers and for the environment. This is why they strive to use organic products whenever possible and are aware of using reusable packaging, local ingredients and limit food waste. 

Breakfast, dinner or snacks?

Tell us your need and wishes and we will have it ready for you.

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