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Bespoke fine dining

After your needs and preferences

High quality dinning for all occasions 

Your wish is our command. Whether you are in need of a three-course dinner, light snack or just some courses. We can make it happen. Our catering specialist are locally based and have a lot of experience high quality catering for all occasions, in the air or on the ground.  

The catering is influenced by the Nordic Cuisine with fresh and local ingredients of the highest standards. Your needs and preferences decide the menu, and if you have allergies or special diets, we will prepare the dinner according to this.  

Our local suppliers make sure we only use the best and most fresh ingredients in our catering, with a strong Nordic touch. 

Through a close dialogue with the customer, we make sure to meet their wishes and need on catering. 

Limited food waste, organic ingredients and sustainability are some of our mail focus points concerning our catering. 

Dine in the sky or on the ground

Our catering specialists compose the menu to meet your wishes and special requirements.

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