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In the air

Fine dining in the sky

Have your dinner served in the flight 

Dine in the sky on the way to your next destination. Our catering specialist will prepare the food you prefer for your trip, and it will be served by our flight attendant in the nice and calm surroundings of the aircraft. Lean back and enjoy the flight with the dinner, snack or drinks of your preferences.  

Did you know that your sense of taste changes in the sky? 

Yes, it is true. The many sensory impressions we are exposed to on a flight, has an impact on the way we experience taste. Our catering specialists are fully aware of this fact and take it into consideration when they are preparing your dinner for the flight.  

Have your dinner served by the stewardess in the calm and soothing surroundings of our luxury private aircrafts. 

Our catering specialists prepares dinner of your preferences, composed to be served in the air. 

Let us know and the dinner will be composed according to this. 

Nordic inspired cuisine composed by local catering specialist for a dinner in the sky.

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