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Passenger and crew  lounges, conference rooms, underground parking and our own Airport Apron for maximum privacy and convenience. We offer crew members an extraordinary rest experience in our Crew snooze rooms with a panoramic view of the airport.

At Blackbird FBO, we are enriched with our own caterer: our chef uses fresh and local ingredients to provide a luxury food experience with a nordic touch. We will do our best to meet your wishes and special requirements. 

Discrete passport control, customs and security. We will make the necessary arrangements for smooth operations. 

We offer, but not limited to, GPU, hangarage, towing, toilet and water service. We coordinate de-icing, network operations (AIS/CFMU OPS MSG) 24/7/365.

Who is the fixed-base operator for?

For passengers and crew members who need exclusive convenience, privacy and smooth operations with a one-point-contact.

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