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Aircraft Ground Services

Ready to handle all ground operations

Full service on the ground 

We offer all necessary on-ground services such as GPU, hangarage, towing, toilet and water service etc. We attend to every detail of the aircraft. Should any sort of issue concerning the aircraft occur, we will take care of it, so the aircraft is nice, clean and ready for the next flight.  

During the winter we offer aircraft parking in a warm hangar, which minimizes the need for de-icing. We also coordinate network operations, such as AIS/CFMU OPS MSG, crew service, flight plans and much more.  

While your aircraft is in our custody, we will make sure it is nice, clean and ready for when you need it again. 

Our warm hangar minimizes the need for de-icing, but if it is necessary, we will make it happen. 

We strive to make sure your aircraft is always warmed up and ready when you need it. 

We will coordinate all necessary on-ground services, while your aircraft is in our custody.

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